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"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid."
Soren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

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  • Journalism Web Sites
      "The press is a mill that grinds all that is put into its hopper. Fill the hopper with poisoned grain and it will grind it to meal, but there is death in the bread."
      --poet-journalist William Cullen Bryant
    • "The National Press Club's Directory of News Sources is an easy-to-use tool for reporters and editors who need key contacts quickly. It's invaluable." -- Andrew Alexander, Deputy Bureau Chief, Cox Newspapers Washington Bureau
    • @reportage is a clearinghouse for newslinks. The site has links to the AP and Reuters newswire along with a directory to online newspapers throughout the world. Worth checking out for any cyber newshound.
    • The Activism Page
      Focuses primarily on: Electronic democracy, media activism, intellectual liberation, globalization, ecological awareness, elite power-structure research, and GenX political consciousness. Also traditional areas of concern, such as academic freedom, social justice, human rights, civil liberties, and anti-bigotry. A thorough resource to locating links relative to activism issues.
    • American Journalism Review
    • AJR/NewsLink [new URL, mirror site]
    • [new shorter URL]
      NewsLink and the American Journalism Review (AJR) have merged. - American Journalism Review. Combining original content from American Journalism Review magazine with their NewsLink index. The index contains 3500+ links and coverage of print and online media and news. Contents are searchable.
    • American Society of Journalists & Authors
    • AnchorDesk is Internet news with an edge. Rather than just reporting the news, it stands on firm ground giving opinions and commentary. This type of bold journalism is refreshing for an industry that is typically afraid to go out on a limb and (gasp!) maybe be wrong.
    • ANNOTATED GUIDE TO US MEDIA Kurt Fliegel's Web Media Guide is an annotated and opinionated guide to US media. Covers press, tv, radio, magazines, and online services. A good place to review the contents of major online players Covers press, tv, radio, magazines, and online services.
    • APME Online New York, NY Associated Press Managing Editors - Home to hundreds of editors from newspapers across the nation.
    • Asian American Journalists Association
      Part of AAJA's new program to train journalists in electronic publishing and to provide the public with news and information on the media and issues impacting the Asian American community. Includes a Job Fair, Links & Journalism Awards.
      Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!, a panelist at the Asian American Journalists Association's 15th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, April 26.
      Yang, 27, who shares the helm at one of the country's hottest new high-tech firms, will join representatives of the Los Angeles Times and CNN in discussing the impact of media. There'll also be a CU-SeeMe session.
    • Asian Journalism Network - is a resource site for journalists and educators interested in exploring journalism as it is practised and taught in the Asian region.
    • Australian Media Pages
      This is the complete Guide to ALL Media in Australia and around the World.Print, Advertising,Radio,TV and Newspapers.An excellent facility and resource document.
    • Online Journalist: Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
      Excellent site of interest to 'journalists and those interested in the media.' Contains many links pertaining to the region, as well as the magazine Reportage Media Bulletin (containing full-text articles: Noam Chomsky on Journalism and Reporting Aboriginal Deaths in Custody) and Signposts to Asia and the Pacific (an online database for journalists and researchers) and much more.
    • AWOL- South African j-school publication
    • Background Briefing - Informative, full-text features to help readers understand major news topics.
    • The Beat page offers listings of Web resources organized by newsroom beat - for reporters covering everything from arts to weather.
    • Big Ten+ news page on WWW
      The news services of the Big Ten, along with the University of Chicago, Notre Dame and Washington University at St. Louis, have joined together in a Big Ten+ news web page. The page, although still being refined, allows media people to link up directly with the online resources of the news services at each of these schools.
    • The British Columbia Newspaper Awards
      A complete list of all the 1994 awards, text and visual, the award winners and the winning entries.
    • Business Wire Newsletter - Includes Feature Stories, Media News, The Business Wire AP PhotoWire, Offshore Holidays, Job Openings, Happenings, Back Issues, Corporate News on the Net, an Electronic Media Kit and Corporate Profiles.
    • California Journalism Online
    • CBC Journalists and Broadcasters
    • The Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado has launched a new Web page. The CEJ's program includes an environmental emphasis in the Master's degree at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and workshops and other activities for working journalists.
    • Central & East European Secure Systems Strategies (CEESSS) is a new weekly electronic newspaper available on the Web
      CEESSS, published in Prague by IntelliTech s.r.o., is a source of insightful editorial and news for professionals whose responsibilities include development and deployment of strategies for securing systems, individuals and nations against attack from information warriors.
    • The Cole Digest - Archives Online
      Back issues of The Cole Digest, a column that appeared weekly on the PressLink on-line service, are available online.
    • College Press Network index of online student newspapers
    • Committee to Protect Journalists
      A group of U.S. foreign correspondents created CPJ in response to the often brutal treatment of their foreign colleagues by authoritarian governments and other enemies of independent journalism. Dedicated to defending the rights and safety of journalists around the world, this web site features the latest news about press freedom and problems around the world. It also offers a a searchable CPJ's Press Freedom Database with continually updated record of press freedom violations in more than 100 countries. You can also visit their fully-stocked gopher site at: gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:5000/11/int/cpj
    • Commonwealth Journalists Association
      Home of the world-wide association of working journalists in the Commonwealth with details of organisation, branches, news and links.
    • Computer Journalism Review
    • CNN/Time AllPolitics web site - Cable News Network, Inc. and Time Inc. New Media launched today full-service CNN/Time AllPolitics web site dedicated to politics in the digital age.
    • CNN San Francisco - Northwest U.S. bureau for CNN, providing news coverage of all types for the CNN networks. Provides news online dedicated to the San Francisco region, including a CNN SF News Media Vault.
    • LEXIS-NEXIS/CNN "Tell Me More"
      List of stories covered by CNN.
    • Columbia Journalism Review
    • Computer Assisted Journalism
    • Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
    • Congressional Quarterly

      "A recognized leader in political journalism for more than 50 years. Today CQ also is a leader on the Internet, providing comprehensive, nonpartial news and information on government and politics."
    • Cornell Review
      Journal of conservative political news, opinion, and humor. Provocative investigative journalism provides otherwise unobtainable news of essential interest to students, alumni, faculty nationwide.
    • *Cover: Linda Ellerbee On the Record*
      "With a number of high-profile hirings of 'old media' journalists, Microsoft seems to be positioning itself as a media conglomerate." Kirsten Alexander interviews the first of these journalists to step up to the plate: former NBC News anchor Linda Ellerbee, host of the monthly Web-based talk show, Encarta On the Record. Learn why going to the Web is the way to avoid "Twinkie Journalism."
    • Courier Reporter Links - "Journalism Tools," from the Evansville Courier.
    • Cowles Business Media and the Medill School of Journalism spent the past year exploring the role of magazines in the new media era.
      The result of their collaboration is a new research report that will be released this afternoon in Orlando at M2: The International Magazine Management conference.
      The research is now available on
    • Media Central
    • The Editorial Eye
    • Electronic News Sources
    • Employment Resources for Journalists
    • Environmental Journalists Home Page
    • European Journalism Review - Stovin Hayter's thorough collection of sites and resources of interest to journalists working in, or covering Europe.
    • Sam's Selected Communication Resources on the WWW
    • Homepage for the media watch group called Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
      "Has reports on the San Jose Mercury News CIA/Crack connection articles...a report on Bob Grant, who they call "the racist radio host", everyone's sweetheart, Rush Limberger, and Mr. Jack Boot, Pat Buchanan...They have a radio show to which you can listen online with RealAudio, and articles from back issues of their magazine Extra (one on Limberger called "Yet More Limbecile Statements", involving Limberger's claims that more forestland exists today than in 1492, when Columbus landed in this hemisphere)."
    • FEED
      The new format launches as FEED celebrates its second anniversary as the Web's leading journal of thought and opinion and "the place to go for media news and commentary" (Time Out New York). FEED was founded in 1995 by journalists Steven Johnson and Stefanie Syman. The new daily column will come from a rotating roster of writers and focus on breaking stories and media happenings.
    • Finding Data on the Internet - A Journalist's Guide
      Thorough guide, developed by a freelance journalist, featuring links to online government and private databases for story purposes.
    • The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Hong Kong
      Bulletins, joining information, full text of the FCC magazine "The Correspondent", Guest Book, links, history and email response/enquiries.
    • Thirty-one foreign mass media organization in the ROC (Taiwan)
    • Foundation for American Communications (FACS)
    • Free Speech TV Web
    • The Freedom Forum home page
      Presents information about the nonprofit Freedom Forum's priorities in supporting free press, free speech and free spirit. Includes publications, resources, program information and current activities in the areas of press freedom, media issues, journalism education and related priorities worldwide. SEARCHABLE
    • An excerpt from Giving Offense: Essays on Censorship - by J. M. Coetzee.
    • GlasNews--Spring '96 Issue
      GlasNews, published quarterly by the Communications Exchange Program, is aimed at East-West communicators in such fields as journalism, advertising, public relations and telecommunications. On-line subscription is free; just send the message "subscribe cepmail" to majordomo@eskimo.com. The spring issue features a tale about covering earthquakes and other rumblings in the Russian Far East, by Jeff Bond, an American reporter who worked for the Vladivostok News. There are also updates about online media in Russia.
    • Government Secrecy - Federation of American Scientists-Project on Government Secrecy
      Through research, advocacy, and public education, the Project on Government Secrecy works to challenge excessive government secrecy and to promote public oversight. The Project supports journalists and fosters enhanced public awareness of secrecy issues through publication of the Secrecy & Government Bulletin.
    • Grapevine Newspaper & Media Watchers
      Exposes of serious media abuse
    • Human Rights Practices, 1995 (U.S. Department of State)
      Detailed country reports on human rights practices for 1995 for: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Canada, Near East and North Africa, South Asia.
    • Index on Censorship Home Page
      Index Index and other features allow for a country by country examination of censorship issues and violence affecting journalists etc.
    • Indiana University Field Trips to CNN Center
    • Indianapolis for Journalists
      One-stop source for Indianapolis information for reporters. Find background information, story ideas, interview sources, and breaking news.
    • The Information Society Journal
    • Infosearch Broadcasting Links
      Due to the ever growing popularity of the site (nearly 1000 links), the site now has separate categories for "Television", "Radio", Broadcasting Related "Newsgroups" and "Other." INFOSEARCH Broadcasting Links(sm) has been recognized as a GNN Select Site
      INKLINS is a FREE 2-3 Week Email delivered journal for writers.
    • Investigative Journalism on the Internet This site offers a guide to finding information on the Net, links to media outlets and an exhaustive list of online journalism resources organized by reporting beat.
    • ITCS Top Ten News Media Resources
    • Interactive Media Writers Association (IMWA)
    • International Press Association
      Site highlights important photojournalism and tells of press-oriented heroic stories. Also included are hot news related sites, worldwide press publications and news services, press worthy events, conventions, shows, etc. and of course web contests and special offers or discounts available to the press corps
    • International Student Journal Project
    • Internet Censorship Information/Protest Page
    • Internet Journalism Resources
    • Internet Newsroom - How Journalists use the Internet
    • Internet Press Guild
      The Internet Press Guild is a nonprofit organization promoting excellence in journalism about the Internet, online services, and bulletin board systems. The Guild's Web site is an information clearinghouse for reporters who wish to know more about aspects of the online world, such as the World Wide Web.
    • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC)
      or http://shum.huji.ac.il/jcmc/vol1/issue4/vol1no4.html
    • Journalism List Redux
      Executive Summary: This Journalism List Redux caters to the working reporter on deadline seeking a one-stop shop at the Venn connecting the CyberSpace Frontier, the Information Superhighway and the Electronic Marketplace.
    • Journalism and Communications: Education and Research
      Journalism UK
      UK-specific Journalistic resources/links.
    • JFORUM - The Journalism Forum
    • JRNY a web-based news site with feature stories about race, crime, food, politics and the environment in New York.
    • Journalism Ethics from San Francisco State University.
    • Journalist's Toolbox
    • List loving Gaffin Gives Again
      It's a listing of e-mail addresses of newspapers, magazines, TV stations and other media outlets that accept electronic submissions from the public.
    • Journalists in Berlin/Germany - Writers and Photographers from Berlin-Germany presents her Storys and Pictures from Berlin and Germany.
    • Makulowich's Journalism List
    • M. Fleming Journalism List
    • MA Thesis Online: The Newspaper Industry's Dive into Cyberspace
      Written by Mike Erlindson and Winner of the C. Edward Wilson Award for Best Media Research Paper 1995.
    • TheMag@zineChannel
      A thoroughly comprehensive resource to magazine publishing resources available on the WWW. Features a daily pick, today's being the Canadian Magazine Publisher's Association. In-depth categories focus on general publishing, design and layout, editorial/journalism, circulation/promotion, production and web publishing, research tools and more.
    • Maps in the Media
      Maps of places in the news, currently holding a various collection of maps of Bosnia, Middle East and Taiwan.
    • Media Central
    • Media In Cyberspace Study II - Second annual Media in Cyberspace Study conducted by Professor Steven Ross of the Columbia Graduate school of Journalism and Don Middleberg of Middleberg & Associates.
    • MediaInfo Interactive E-newspapers
    • Megasources - journalism research list. organised by subject and beats.
    • MSN News Presents: Pictures of the Year, the best in photojournalism.
      This World Wide Web site on msn.com is the only online location to view highlights from the best news photography work of 1995. Pictures of the Year is sponsored by the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the National Press Photographers Association.
    • National Conference of Editorial Writers Online
      The site for editors and writers of opinion for newspaper and broadcast media.
    • National Diversity Journalism Job Bank
      Brought to you by The Florida Times-Union, a comprehensive listing of journalism openings on the Internet. Some of current openings are seeking: Police Reporters, Copy Editors, Features Designers, Feature Writers, Associate Editors, General Assignment Features Writers and a varied assortment of other opportunities.
    • National Press Club
      National Press Club Bosnia Links
    • National Public Broadcasting Archives
    • National Security Website
      Intended as a clearinghouse for reporters, researchers, and concerned Americans. Contains to publications, policy blueprints, and weblinks on a VERY wide spectrum of national security issues.
    • Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University publishes The Nieman Reports: The Journal for Serious Journalists. Full text is available for selected articles in each issue.
    • NetMedia
      NetMedia is the only UK Internet conference for working journalists. No hype.No sales pitch. Just an outstanding roster of leading journalists from Europe And the USA examining the critical questions digital online news and the Internet pose for working journalists. Forums include: Online newspapers; The Interactive Newsroom; Digital Radio; Digital Interactive TV; Interactive Advertising.
    • NewsAhead
      London based and owned by journalists. Provide media-based services (free): World News Forecast and Media Services Directory.
    • Newspapers & Technology Magazine is a partial electronic version of the monthly print magazine of the same title. N&TM features articles, columns and news about the world of newspaper technology.
    • Freedom of Information issues in B.C
      There is a new site for Freedom of Information issues in B.C. (with some links to Canadian and U.S. issues and resources.) The site is maintained by B.C. Journalists Committee for Freedom of Information
    • The Newhouse Net Lists - journalism discussion lists.
    • News, Newspapers, Magazines on the Web - major list.
    • Giussani , Bruno. "A New Media Tells Different Stories" First Monday 2(4) (April 7, 1997)
    • NewsPath to News/Resources
    • News USA
      Copyright Free feature news stories for newspaper, radio and television editors. Automated search function allows you to select by topic, story length and/or key word from hundreds of high-quality articles and photographs.
    • Newslink
    • Newspapers and Journalism Links
    • Newsweek Media Spot
      Invites online visitors (particularly Media Buyers) to learn more about Newsweek.
    • Nikos Markowitz, Sweden : Journalistic Sources
    • One World Site
      Anuradha Vittachi's OneWorld site is a one-stop shop for alternative journalism, and an umbrella site for over 60 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as publications such as Index on Censorship.
    • On-Writing's Internet Resource Guide
      A site for writer's of online and print material. "This site has been developed to assist writers to utilize the World Wide Web to its fullest potential"
    • online-journalist.com
      Weekly news, commentary, and resources for the online journalism community. Includes a tour of digital media WWW sites, general journalism resources, journalist Web pages
    • The Online Journalist: Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
      Provides essential resources for journalists and those interested in how the media works.
    • Online NewsHour --The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer - The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer goes online with segments and forums updated daily. Included is a library of past transcripts and other issue material.
    • OPIN
      Access to national and international resources for reporters is now available at the John F. Kennedy School of Government News Office's KSG OPIN (Online Political Information Network),
    • Photojournalism ONLINE
    • Press Release Sources Media Lists
      List of newspapers, magazines, TV stations and other media outlets that accept press releases by email http://www.webcom.com/leavitt/medialist.html
    • "A Quest for Insight: PR in Cyberspace"
      A twenty-two page on what journalists look for in press releases
    • Political Science, Military and Strategic Studies Links
    • PostMortem - "probing, puncturing, and dissecting the conventional wisdom of the Washington Post"
    • Pulitzer Prize Homepage
      This site features the 1996 awards and past awards...It gives you the winners, the amounts of the prizes, the feature that one the prize...and the juries...For the 1996 awards they're still inputting links for the actual award winning entries...But for 1995, you can access the things that one the prize...as in investigative reporting, music, etc...
    • RadioInfo
      A searchable database driven website for broadcast professionals, providing a one stop source of information for the Radio Industry. Directory features extensive categories in the areas of programming, engineering, sales and management.
    • Rand Research Review: Information War and Cyberspace Security
    • Real News
      Where's the real news? The Real News Page critiques the media, features under-reported stories, provocative writing on media-politics, media activism, produced by former Esquire editor. reporter.org
    • reporter.org
      Provides an outstanding variety of resources to journalists, journalism educators, and the public at large via the Web.
    • A Reporter's Internet Survival Guide
    • Reporters Media Directory
      The database of working journalists in Canada and the United States.
    • The Reporters Network - Comprehensive and searchable E-mail directory of journalists online, also provides journalism resources.
    • RTVJ
      Official site of the Radio-TV Journalism Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The RTVJ focuses on the teaching, practice, study and research of broadcast news as a profession. Features include 1996 AEJMC Conference information, their newsletter "Static", Email discussion list, Bylaws/Officers, and electronic media resources.
    • The Russian Media
      offers links to Russian newspapers and magazines on the Internet, including Izvestia, Segodnia, Express Chronicle, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Commersant. News and highlights. Links to English language databases. Lets you downlowad Russian fonts.
    • THE RUSSIAN CHRONICLES The Web's first all digital, multi-tiered, realtime, interactive photoessay, direct from Russia, through November.
      "The Russian Chronicles are an illustration of the Web's potential at its very best. An interactive, photo-journalistic story where the advice of Internet subscribers and unusual encounters were the only guides for a Paris-based photographer and a free-lance journalist as they traveled across Russia. The journey has been completed, but what is left is a remarkable story that was completed by netizens through the eyes of a photographer and the words of a journalist."
    • Quebec Launch Pad for Journalists - Features links to government departments, sources, and up-to-the-minute news from Quebec, as well as dozens of other useful links for journalists.
    • Science Journalism Resources
    • SDS Media Digest
    • The Slot
      A SPOT FOR COPY EDITORS By Bill Walsh (copy desk chief at The Washington Times) -- Formerly the Crusty Old Slot Man's Copy-Editing Peeve Page (a "common-sense newspaper editor's" perspective on spelling, grammar, word usage, etc.)
    • Student Journalists On-Line (SJOL)
      "This site is devoted to the study and practice of journalism and reporting and is the home of The Masthead, the electronic publication created here by SJOL members."
    • STUEPAP: The Student Electronic Paper Mailing List - for students, or related parties, who are working with putting student newspapers on-line.
    • Susan's Little Internet Black Book: Journalism/News
    • Terrorism
      This site links to information on Terrorism. Subjects covered are the TWA Flight 800, Missiles for Terrorists, the Unabomber, Church Arsons, Oklahoma City Bombing, known Terrorists Organizations, Islamic Terrorism, how to recognize mail bombs, plus much more. Other sites within the World of Spies and Intelligence relate to Spies, Intelligence Reports, Electronic Warfare, Government Secrecy...
    • Towards a theory of hypertextual design by Kathleen Burnett (Rutgers University)
    • The Tocqueville Connection - The insider's Web site for French news and analyses. A free weekly publication with sections providing full coverage on Defense and Foreign Policy, Domestic Politics, Industry and Business, Finance, Style, and Franco-American Dialogue.
    • Tower Magazine
      Constantly updated review of foreign affairs issues and one-stop link to foreign affairs resources on the Internet written by leading commentators and journalists.
    • Trond's Site
      This is Trond House's site for freelance journalists.
    • UK Press Index
    • Univeristy of Central Lancashire Library; Journalism Resources On the Internet
    • UK Plus
      A new guide to United Kingdom web sites has opened, UK Plus The directory features reviews by professional journalists of UK-specific web sites. A partnership with Infoseek also allows visitors to easily tap into the search engine and look beyond Great Britain.
    • The US All Media Jumpstation
      US All Media E-Mail Directory. AN on-line media guide with links to over 3,000 magazines, journals, trade and consumer publications
    • Victims and the Media
      The Victims and the Media Program and the $10,000 Dart Award are designed to encourage the media to do a better job of covering victims and victim issues. The Website will benefit working journalists, journalism educators, victims, victim advocates, therapists, and everyone who wants to see victims treated with sensitivity and respect.
    • The Virtual Journalist
      Chris Simpson and his CAJ students at American University provide links to computer-linked resources on crime and police, courts, politics and government, education, social services, business and economy, transportation and environment, real estate and housing, arts and culture.
    • Virginia Tech Online Writing Lab (OWL)
    • Virtual Paper and On-Line Literature
    • Visual Journalism : WEDiting Writing, Editing and Design
    • Washington Free Press On-Line Library
      Award-winning investigative news journal from Seattle, WA provides complete issues online (back issues as well) and a Reference Index searchable by title, subject & author.
    • Washington Photos Photojournalism site with picture stories.
    • WebOvision
      List of 3000 links in more than 60 countries, including tv, radio, journalism, news and more.
    • Working with Words and Images
    • World Reporter
      Electronic major news and features magazine takes us across the universe through extensive photo reportings. Discover the contemporary world, in the most unusual places on our planet, and in the privacy of the famous people of our time.
    • Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons
      "An authority on the subject of experts available for interview, this site is home to Broadcast Interview Source's 15th Annual Edition."
    • "Award-winning journalist/producer Chris Redner has traveled worldwide, writing about and photographing the world's poor for relief and development organizations." His Zine is called World Week.
    • World's Top 25 Web Newspaper Poll
    • WWW Virtual Library: Broadcasters
    • WWW Virtual Library: Journalism List
    • http://www.clickinks.com/Resources-for-Writers.html
  • Journalism Listservs
    • Broadcast Media
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    • CARR-L
      This is an e-mail discussion group for reporters and researchers. Open this template with the listserv address already inserted, and write the following command in the message area: SUB CARR-L firstname lastname (for example: SUB CARR-L S helton Gunaratne). To unsubscribe address another letter to the same listserv with the command: UNSUB CARR-L. To contribute to the list, send your message to: CARR-L@ulkyvm.louisville.edu
    • Communet
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    • Copyediting-L
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    • East European Media
      To join this East-European media-interest group, write the following in the message area: Subscribe EEMEDIA.
    • FEJS Forum for European Journalism Students (fejs-request@weaver.utr.bart.nl)
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    • Freedom of Information
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    • Government Resources
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    • Hyperjournal Forum
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    • INTCAR-L
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    • Literary Journalism
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    • Magazine Editing
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    • New Information Technologies
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    • News Research
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    • NICAR-L
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    • Society of Professional Journalists
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    • Sri Lanka Net
      To subscribe send email message: Subscribe _your name_. (This is an example of how one can subscribe to news from a developing country ignored by U.S. media.)
    • The Student Journalism List-
      The goal of this list is to provide students and teachers with a forum for discussing print, broadcast, and electronic journalism.
      To subscribe, send a message to: majordomo@world.std.com
      In the body of the message, put the words:subscribe sj {youremailaddress}
    • Student Media
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    • More Media newsgroups from G.R Dylan


  • Associations and Societies


    Schools and Colleges of Journalism and Mass Media

    Communication and Media Law

    • Internet and Electronic rights articles
    • Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Choice Act of 1997
    • Communications Media Center at New York Law School - resources in the fields of communications, information and media: * major U.S. laws
      * major U.S. cases
      * articles, papers, book chapters etc.
      * articles from our student-run publication Media Law & Policy Bulletin.
    • Internet Content-Related Liability Study
      It provides an analysis of how Canadian law applies to content-related Internet liability in the areas of copyright and trade-marks, privacy and defamation, obscenity, child pornography and hate literature.
    • Copyright Agency Ltd. Newsletter
    • Copyright and Intellectual Project (Digital Library Sunsite)
    • Coming To Terms
      Article about the electronic rights clause in magazine and newspaper contracts. Courtesy the American Society of Journalists and Authors.
      It's 11:52. Do you know where your cyber-rights are? The Digital Doomsday Clock offers a huge chunk of information and resources based on the looming threat of censorship. Groups involved in the debates are extensively listed, as well as domestic situations all over the world. China, for example, has regulated links to the Net by liquidating and re-registering all networks. The closer to midnight the time, the more intense the struggle for freedom in cyberspace. Essential reading if you're sick of commercial and government infringements online.
    • See also CDA and Telecommunication Act 1996 (S. 652)
    • Law and Borders - The Rise of Law in Cyberspace (Article)
    • The Computer Law Observer

      To subscribe, simply send e-mail to ChallComm@aol.com requesting to be put on the list.

      The Computer Law Observer is distributed FREE each month via e-mail by Challenge Communications, a legal content provider, located in Baltimore, Maryland.
      Each issue of The Observer contains an article discussing an important legal development relating to the Internet and computer technology in general. The articles are written for both lawyers and non-lawyers.

      Cyberspace Law for Non-Lawyers electronic course materials.
      To SUBSCRIBE to Cyberspace-Law, send a message to LISTPROC-REQUEST@COUNSEL.COM
      with the command
      SUBSCRIBE CYBERSPACE-LAW yourFirstname yourLastname
    • FACTNet International Digest: Archiving Free Speech, Free Thought, and Privacy Rights Issues
      A non-profit Internet library on free speech, free thought, and privacy rights, including First Amendment freedoms and their abuse, cults, mind control, Scientology, dianetics, copyrights, censorship, much more!
    • FairUse
      "This site provides a large number of resources about the legal and non-legal use of another's copyrighted materials. Great for legal research and insight into the complexity of the idea of fair use, the site is sponsored by the Council on Library Resources, FindLaw Internet Legal Resources, and the Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources."
      "... contains the full text of court decisions, legislation and international copyright agreements, as well as related articles on the topic. (Chronicle of Higher Education 6 Sep 96 A42)"
    • Freedom of Information site : British Columbia Journalists Committee for Freedom of Information.
    • Recent cases (Copyright)
    • Intellectual Property Reference Library
      Resources, references and links for patent, copyright and trademark information for inventors, creators of intellectual property, managers and IP professionals
    • Keeping it Legal: Questions Arising Out of Web Site Management
      The text of one of Jamie Mckenzie's NECC'96 sessions is now available as the June issue of From Now On. This article is aimed primarily at exploring copyright and related issues arising out of K-12 Web publishing.
    • Net Law News
      Features The Communications Decency Act of 1996 as reported by the ACLU; Court Cases Involving the Web; General Information on intellectual proprety, trade secrets and web law plus Licensing Pointers for Software Contracts (based on GA Law).
    • Post-Soviet Media Law & Policy Newsletter
      A monthly newsletter following media law and policy developments in the former Soviet Union, East & Central Europe. Issues are archived beginning with June 1994 to the current, March-April 1996 issue
    • CyberLegal Research
      Forum for chronicling the evolution of the Law in cyberspace. Not only will you have access to a wide variety of Legal resources on the Web & Opinion/Commentary from the Editor, but most noteably is the Judicial Proclamations section covering "Skirmishes on the Digital Frontier". See case-listing below:

      -Howard Stern v. Delphi Internet Service Corp.
      A suit by Howard Stern, to be appreciated for its irony.
      -It's In The Cards, Inc. v. Fuschetto
      Is a BBS or a web page a "periodical"?
      -ProCD v. Zeidenberg
      Are those pesky shrinkwrap licenses enforceable?
      -State of Oregon v. Randall Schwartz
      The prosecution of the famous PERL developer at the behest of the Intel colossus.
      -Steve Jackson Games v. U.S. Secret Service
      Big Brother battles the evil role-playing games manufacturers...
      -United States v. Jake Baker
      The prosecution of one sick puppy whose alt.sex.stories literary exploits threaten to give the Jesse Helms' of the world an excuse to reign in the Usenet. Not for the weak of stomach.

    • Internet Law Task Force
    • Media Law section with national law journal site
      perspective on copyright, etc from practicing attorneys. Lots of material on current court decisions and their implications.
    • "Black Thursday Machine" or at http://www.vex.net/~brian/Censored
      A few members of Electronic Frontier Canada have developed an amusing and interactive Web page to celebrate 'Freedom to Read Week'.
      The "Black Thursday Machine" invites Internet surfers who visit the site to type in the address of their favourite Web page, to see what it might look like if a Canadian version of the new and controversial American "Communications Decency Act" were put into effect.
    • Communications and Information Law
      This site was developed by a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in communication law and also contains links to the FCC (including the Daily Digest of each day's releases from the Commission) articles about FCC and Internet-related issues and links to other useful sites.
    • Digital Tornado: The Internet and Telecommunications Policy News Release, .pdf and .wp versions [86p]
      Text-only version
      This report, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Office of Plans and Policy (OPP) Working Paper No. 29, by OPP's Kevin Werbach, "represents the first comprehensive assessment of the questions the Internet poses for traditional communications policy." The paper addresses three major topics: "category difficulties," (Internet services "do not fit easily into the existing classifications for communications services under federal law or FCC regulations") "pricing and usage," and "availability and bandwidth." The report is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), WordPerfect, and text formats. Note that the views expressed in the paper are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of the FCC. [JS]
    • An online Chronicle also documents challenges to Freedom of Expression in Canada.
    • Australian Media Law Locus
      Links to cases, materials & legislation on Australian media law, PLUS an extensive review of related WWW sites, and more
    • Australian News Reports
      A weekly WWW news report
    • Intellectual Property Rights in the Electronic Age
      A discussion of "Intellectual Property Rights in the Electronic Age" with Patent and Trademarks Office Commissioner Bruce Lehman is in progress on the Law Journal Extra Web site. A "panel of legal experts" joins Commissioner Lehman in a question-and-answer session on intellectual rights and on the Clinton Administration's White Paper on protecting intellectual property.
    • Intellectual Property and the NII
      This page provides legal duscussion on copyright and patent issues as they relate to the Internet
    • Copyright, Censorship, and Citations - by JW Woody Co.
    • New York Law School (NYLS), Media Law Project (MLP)
      The MLP is comprised of three more specific divisions:
      Computer Law Group (CLG): The CLG is involved in issues of anti-trust, contract, copyright, intellectual property, patent, trademark, and trade secret laws and how they relate to computer technologies.
      Entertainment Law Group (ELG): The ELG is involved in issues of contract, copyright, intellectual property, and trademark laws and how they relate to the entertainment field.
      Media Law Group (MLG): The MLG is involved in issues of agency, anti-trust, contract, intellectual property, patent, trademark, and trade secret laws and how they relate to broadcasting and telecommunications fields.
    • Communications law and the emerging field of information law.
    • Copyright Law
      A service of the Copyright Clearance Center.
    • The Property of the Mind - The Economist 340 (7976) (July 27 - August 2, 1996): 57-59.
      A look at the challenges facing intellectual property regulation in a global context
    • Post-Soviet Media Law & Policy Newsletter
      A monthly newsletter following media law and policy developments in the former Soviet Union, East & Central Europe. Issues are archived beginning with June 1994 to the current, March-April 1996 issue.
    • Trenite Van Doorne the legal firm which hosted the Amsterdam forum, is setting up a site to cover all aspects of the developing field of Internet law.



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