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   Recipients of CU's Honorary Doctoral Degrees 


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Honorary Doctors - An International Elite 






Iandoli, Margitha Janine. South Africa. Owner of the APAV clinic. Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Medical Science. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Medicine, Biochemistry, Laser Light Therapy, Skin Resurfacing Technology, Electrotherapeutical Treatments and Techniques of the human body and face, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Body Therapy, Business Administration, Training/Teaching.

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Ikejiaku, Emmanuel Omenachi; B.Sc., M.Phil. Assistant Director at the Geological Survey, Nigeria. Nigeria. Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Geology. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: geology, geological survey, map production, mineral exploration and assessment of strategic mineral deposits, teaching, research.

• Knight of St. John (KSJ). Conferred with the knighthood of the Ancient and Noble Order by the Jos Commandery, Nigeria, December 2001. Exemplified in 2002 and promoted to rank of officer under Commandery 577, Jalingo, Nigeria, in June 2005. (The international headquarters is at Washington D. C, U.S.A.
• Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP). Conferred with the title by the Mayor of Jerusalem in January 2003, during visit to the Holy Land on Pilgrimage (2002 batch from Taraba State, Nigeria).

• Who’s Who in Science and Engineering - Marquis “Who Is Who”, 7th Edition 2003 -2004 (Address: 121 Chanlon Road, P. O. Box 39, New Providence NJ 07974-0039, U.S.A)
• Living Science Award 2004 – by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England. (Address: Cambridge CB2 3QP England)


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Impallomeni, Giuseppe. Italy. Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science. Outstanding Achievement in the field (s) of: Business Administration, Consultancy, Economics.









Ince, Kenneth Rodger, Dr., Ph.D. Canada. Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Business Administration, Management, Engineering. Dr. Ince does intensive community work/ development, and serves as a Community Pastor, Priest, and Minister in the Community, inter-denominationally and cross-culturally - teaching, counseling, etc. to approximately 200 people.

MEMBERSHIPS: MS Society-Kelowna-Pres. / Legal Advocate / Patient Assessor
People in Motion Society-Board Member-Housing & Transportation
Tetra Society of North America-Kelowna-Pres. / CEO/ Assessor
MS Society-BC Division-Nominated to Board-Board Member of Volunteer Legal
Advocacy Advisory (Prepare & Teach Legal Advocacy)
D.A.D.D.-Dial a Designated Driver Society-Secretary (Board Member)
Metis Family Services Society-Legal Advocate / Court Worker (On Call)
Community Futures Development Corp.-Community Economic Development Board Member
Central Okanagan Regional District-Inter-Agency Licensing Board Member-Licensed Care Homes
City of Kelowna-Access Awareness Advisory-Member Mayor's Advisory Committee
OUC-Alumni Association-Director of Communications
OUC---Serving as Volunteer Advocate/Ombudsman/Consultant
OUC-Student Affairs-Disability Services--- Member of Advisory

Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society ; Aboriginal Disability Network Society ; BC Paraplegic Association
BC Coalition for Disabilities ; University of Toronto-Alumni Association ; International Convention of Faith Churches & Ministries ; Oral Roberts University -Alumni Association ; Trinity Baptist Church; C.N.I.B.

( Rev. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Kenneth Rodger Ince died 2002, let us recall Phaedo's parting remark about Socrates: "we may truly say that of all the men of his time whom we have known, he was the wisest and justest and best." )

Some of his articles, published at CU's site...








Intieri, Mario. Italy. Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Construction Engineering.







Irizarry Sr., Reinaldo, MBA,  DPA, USA. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration with an emphasis in Urban Studies. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Local Law Enforcement, Federal Law Enforcement, Physical Security and Investigation, Hostage Negotiation, Volunteer Work, Public Administration, Sociology, Business Management, Leadership, Instructing.

1. “Expectation” (Unrealistic expectation by the general public about the task of Police Officers) Police Times 1990 Miami Fl.
2. “Guilty until Proven Otherwise” (The different standards that exist between the average citizen and Law Enforcement personnel during criminal procedures) Police Times 1990 Miami Fl.
3. “Lack of Vision” (The lack of concern of senior administrators and supervisors about the need to encourage subordinates to further their education to help them achieve higher goals) Police Times 1990 Miami Fl.
4. “Sam’s Corner” (A sensitive article about a prominent attorney who gave up on life and became homeless) Police Times 1992 Miami Fl.
5. “Bastards of the Constitution” (The struggle of police work while balancing the constitutional rights of the general public and police organizations) Police Times 1992 Miami Fl.
6. “The Modern Gladiators” (The exposure and introduction of modern police procedures to Police Officers, giving them new tools to be effective in the neighborhood policing concept) Police Times 1993 Miami Fl.

1 American Criminal Justice Association “Lambda Alpha Epsilon”
2 The National Rifle Association of America
3 The Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators “FAHN ”
4 The American Heart Association
5 Miami Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge #20
6 The Association of Federal Investigators Washington, DC
7 Professional Member of “911 Fitness.” Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
8 International Narcotics Enforcement Officer Association

1. Achievement Awards for Special Act or Service US Government Veterans Administrations Affairs
2. Performance Awards - US Government Veterans Administrations Affairs
3. Letter of Appreciation from  Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy from the Archdiocese of Miami
4. Certificate of Appreciation for “Police Officer of the Month August, 1987” from the City of Miami Police Department





Dr. Reinaldo Irizarry, Sr. MBA, Ph.D. - University of Berkley















Irshad, Khurram H., B.S. , MBA. Marketing Manager, Vancouver, CanadaDoctor of Philosophy in International Business. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: International Franchise Development and Sales, International Brand Marketing in Developing Countries, International Hospitality Management and Marketing, Strategic Planning in the Hospitality Industry.

Memberships: Karachi Marketing Association -- Pakistan Institute of Food Technology -- Karachi Chamber of Commerce -- Institute of Business Administration -- MBAA of Pakistan.

More links: http://www.mbanetwork.com/










Iyer, Prof. S. Gopalakrishna, B.Tech., M.E., Principal. India.  Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics Engineering. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Electronics & Communication Engineering, Teaching, Lecturing, Authoring.

Publications: Basic Electronic Engineering for Engineering students. (text book) Design& testing of electronic circuits (lab manual).












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