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   Recipients of CU's Honorary Doctoral Degrees 



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Honorary Doctors - An International Elite 





Haley, Paul Edwards, B.A., Colorado Springs, CO, USA. Software Engineer/Analyst. Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. - in Computer Science. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Information Technology - particularly Local Area Network Management and Systems Analysis for agency warning programs - , Software Engineering, Software Analysis, Civil Preparedness.

Dr. Haley accomplished 34 years of combined military and civilian service to his country. He is a recognized expert in the fields of civil preparedness and computer science and has contributed much to the betterment of his society.

Dr. Haley also has an avocation as a writer and has written numerous articles on Traditional Roman Catholic subjects, his most recent being "For The Truth Shall Set You Free", a defense of tradition in Roman Catholic liturgy and practice.








Hall, David Alan. United Kingdom. Vice President for Development at Open Doors Ministries overseeing the work of development in twenty countries.  Doctor of Philosophy - Ph. D. - in Ministry.

Outstanding achievements in: Youth Pastoring, Ministry, Church Management, Church Development, Leadership Training, Fundraising, Film&Book Production.

He has served the Suffering Church in all the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. His ministry in OD has taken him to China, Vietnam, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. He was the Associate Producer of the award winning film "Behind the Sun' and also the latest production 'Stronger than Guns', based on Latin America.
He is regarded as a 'founder father' of AEMI - Association of Evangelical
Ministries, focused on Central Asia and located at PO Box 210, West
Drayton, Middlesex UB7 8NN, UK.







Hall, Scott Franklin, B.F.A., M.F.A., Orlando, FL, USA. Assistant Professor of Art (Computer Animation). Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Prof. Hall is an outstanding artist and teacher. "He worked formerly as artist, musician, museum artisan, TV commercial animator, co-sculptor of theme park monuments in the U.S., France, and Japan, and co-advisor to the Santa Clara County Arts Council on Future Developments in Art and Technology in California's Silicon Valley. He has been nominated by his students for the S.U.N.Y. Chancellor's Award For Excellence in Teaching, for the Who's Who Among America's Teachers Award, and for two honorary doctorates." He is an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida.

Please find more biographical information and his creative works at http://www.geocities.com/scottfranklinhall/








Haji Abdul Karim, Aminudin bin, Malaysia.

 Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Communication Technologies.

Outstanding achievements in: information and communication technology, public administration, security, knowledge management.


2003- Kamus Pengurusan Pengetahuan ( Knowledge Management Dictionary)
2009 –Menyingkap Sejarah Lembah Bama DiNegeri Pahang Sebagai Pusat Perdagangan Terawal bagi Asia Tenggara dan Mengesan Sultan Pemerintah Riau-Lingga-Johor Yang Menetap DiLembah Bama (Kg Relong)- History of Bama Valley as the First Trading Centre in South East Asia.
2011-Kajian Hikayat Seri Rama Dari Perspektif Strategi Dan Sebagai Naskhah Tertua DiNusantara Yang DiKarang Oleh Orang Lembah Bama,Kuala Lipis,Pahang- Research on Hikayat Seri Rama from Perspective Strategy and the oldest Manuscript in South East Asia.
2011-Memoir Seorang Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Kumpulan Tiga – Memoir of Diplomatic Officer, Group Three.
2011-Rona-Rona Pengembaraan, Peristiwa dan Pembangunan DiPahang Menerusi Analisis Kandungan Terhadap Akhbar-Akhbar Dari Tahun 1889-1952 Dengan bantuan Akses Dari National Library Singapore – Colour of Adventure, Event and Development in Pahang from Content Analysis Approch with Help from National Library of Singapore.
2012- Teori Raut Wajah Dari Perspektif Islam Satu Penerokaan : Kajian Terhadap Susur Galur Waris Datuk Linggi ,Sultan Negeri Johor-Riau-Lingga.- Face Theory From Islamic Perspective: Research on Royal Pedigree of Datuk Linggi as Sultanante Riau-Lingga-Johore.














Hamer, David H., New Jersey, USA.  Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics. For advanced research in the application of computers to the modeling of classical cryptologic systems.










Hamid, Ibrahim, Malaysia. Director, Denning's Legal Research Centre Malaysia.
Doctor of Philosophy in Law. Outstanding achievements in: jurisprudence, publishing, editing, legal research, consultancy.

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim was Malaysia’s first law book publisher.

Membership in Professional Associations:

1. Member, Institute of Local Government Adminstrator, UK
2. Member, British Institute of Management, London
3. Associate, British Association of Accountants & Auditors
4. Fellow, Institute of Commerce, UK
5. Member, Society for Criminal Law Reform, UK
6. Member, International Bar Association, UK
7. Associate Member, International Society for Legal Research, USA
8. Member, Ministry of Law Malaysia 1996 on Law Reform
9. Association of Incorporated Secretaries, London
10. American Bar Association, 2005



Dr. Hamid and wife














Han Him Fong, Charles, MBA [University of Leicester, UK], Singapore. Business Development Consultant & Deputy Managing Director. Doctor of Philosophy in Business & Marketing. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Business Administration, Sales, Marketing, Consultancy, Management, Product Management, PR, Development of  Sales Management Training Programs, Lecturing. Awards: Many sales and performance awards. Memberships: Singapore Marketing Institute since 1988
Chartered British Institute of Management since 1976
Kampong Glam Management Committee since 1980                                                                                                                                                                                               

Council Member of the Singapore Chapter CIM, UK since 2002














Handoo, B. L.   Prof. Dr. , M.A., M.Ed., India. Educational Consultant, Darshan Education Foundation. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology. Outstanding achievements in the fields of: Educational Psychology, Research, Consultancy, English, Distance Education, Teaching, Lecturing, School Management.

Other designations held: • Honorary Member, Executive Committee of the J & K Cricket Association, Srinagar, Kashmir. • Honorary Member of the General Council of Kamla Nehru Trust, Srinagar, which has several Educational Institutions in Srinagar. • Honorary Member, Executive Committee of All J & K Private Aided Institutions. • Member School Managing Committee, Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, Srinagar, Nominated on SMC as Eminent Educationist by the Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi. • Part-time Coordinator of Srinagar Study Center of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. • Academic Counselor of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi for Distance Education. • Member, Board of Studies. Post-Graduate Education, University of Kashmir. • Chief Editor, Magazine and Cabinet member of Lion’s Club International District 322 EI- India. • Honorary Educational Advisor to Model Institute of Education and Research, Delhi Certre - C2/62 S.D.A., Hauz Khas, New Delhi. • Nominated as an Eminent Educationist to the School Managing Committee K.V. No. II, R.K. Puram, New Delhi. • Life-member of Parent-Teacher Association of India, New Delhi. • Life-member of Council of Teacher Education - India.

Awards: • Commendation Award by Shivaji Foundation and Peoples Forum at Jaipur International. • Best Teacher Award by United Children’s Movement - given by Mr. P. A. Sangama - the then Speaker. • Best Educationist Award from PTA India. Award given by Prof. Yashpal at New Delhi. Scores of other Awards in Sports, as an active Lion, as an organisor of sports events etc.















Hanel, Dieter, Dr. med., Physician, Lippstadt, Germany. Doctor of Medicine. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Internal Medicine. Publications: numerous.







Hansen, Eric G., B.A. -  USA.  Doctor of Education. Educational Consultant for Post Secondary Institutions. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Education, Educational Consultancy, Teaching English as a Second Language, Consumer Advocacy, Finance and Accounting, Social Science, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Public Speaking.

Honors: Who’s Who in the West. Memberships: • Senior Warden, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Reno, NV • President, Reno Lodge of DANIA (Danish-American Club of Northern California and Nevada).

Publications: see here







Harrell, David B., B.Sc., Innovation Research Director, USA. Doctor of Molecular Biology. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Molecular Biology, Sleep Medicine, Research & Development, Sleep Disorder Research, Educating, Public Speaking, Publishing, Management, Consultancy, Project Management.








Harris, Brian ; Reverend; Swansea, West Glamorgan, United Kingdom. Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. - in Social Science. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Business Administration, Social Sciences, Theology, Lecturing.

Rev. Brian Harris is the South West Wales representative for the Leprosy Mission and Guest Lecturer at Nations Bible College.

Memberships: The Evangelical Alliance. Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers.








Hawgood, Paul Sebastian. B.A. United Kingdom.  Doctor of Philosophy - Ph. D. in Comparative Religion.

Outstanding achievements in: religious science, hospital administration, personnel management, nursing, charity work, comparative religion, research.

MEMBERSHIPS: Companion of The Society of St Francis
The Royal Commonwealth Club of The Royal Commonwealth Society
The Manorial Society
Order of St Andrew

HONORS: Hereditary Deputy Lord High Steward


















Hawkeswood, Trevor J., B.Sc. (Hons)(NE), B.App. Sc. (Env. Sc.)(CSturt), FRES, North Richmond, AUSTRALIA.
Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. - in Environmental Science.

Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Biology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Entomology, Lecturing, Tutoring, Consulting, Management, Research.

Dr. Hawkeswood is a Research Scientist in his own capacity. He undertook ecological field work on plants and insects in most States of Australia (especially New South Wales and Queensland) as well as in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and the United States of America.
He contributed papers on Australian and New Guinean biota to refereed journals both here in Australia and overseas. Most of his research since 1985 has been published in Italy and Germany. (See list of publications).
He gained international recognition as a biologist and has contributed papers with some of the leading biologists of the world, e.g. Dr P.H. Jolivet (France), Dr G.A. Samuelson (United States of America), Dr. H. Bomans (France), Dr David Furth (United States of America), Dr H. Takizawa (Japan).
He described 15 species of Australian plants and 6 species of beetles (Coleoptera) new to science, and contributed 14 nominations of threatened plant species for consideration of being placed on Schedule 2 of the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act

Awards and Nominations:
. Elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London (FRES)(1990)
. Nominated for the Order of Australia (1998) for contributions to Australian biology including particularly the taxonomy, ecology and evolution of the Australian wood-boring beetle families of Coleoptera (Buprestidae, Cerambycidae) and the leaf-feeding family (Chrysomelidae)
. Nominated for Australia's highest academic award, the Doctor of Science degree from the Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales (1998)

List of Dr. Hawkeswood's publications      Dr. Hawkeswood's WebSite






















Hazel, M. Daryl, Clermont, Florida , USA. Honorary Master of Fine Arts with a specialization in Theater.
Member in good standing of
American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) and Actors Equity Association (AEA) .

Wrote and directed the musical revue "This Is America" which starred Florence Henderson. Was a writer/director for Circus World Theme Park in Florida, and directed many plays and musicals. Wrote plays and musicals including "Tonight at Tony's" the musical revue about the Father of Vaudeville: Tony Pastor.

Performed in many parts of America as singer and actor and did a one-man show aboard the MS Caribe of the Commodore Cruise Line. Daryl M. Hazel was featured male singer at Rosie O'Grady's night club in Orlando, Florida for about five years. He performed for six years at Opryland USA and has appeared in three major roles at Walt Disney World.










Hegde, Prof. Dr. Gurupad K. India.

Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. - in Sanskrit Language & Educational Service.

Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Sanskrit, educational service, lecturing, authoring, teaching, social service.



C.D.Deshmukh Prize from Karnataka University, Dharwad in 1968

Pandit Ramanujacharya Research Award in 1973
All India level Mysore University Golden Jubilee Research Award in 1980
A.I.O.C. Pandit Parishat Awards in Pune in 1993


U.G.C Supervisor to guide for Post Doctoral Thesis in 1971
“SIDDHAANTI” in 2012 for the work “Shleshasiddhanta”-a new theory in Poetics
MANYATA PRASHASTI” in 2012 by Karnataka Sanskrit University, Bangalore in collaboration with Post Graduate Sanskrit Collage & Sri Krishn Mut, Udupi

“SHASTRAVIDYANIDHI” in 2014 by The Vedashastraposhini Sabha of Mysore
“ JYOTISHSHASTRAMAHANIDHI” in 2014 by the Bharateeya jyotirvijnana Samshodhana Kendra, Mysore




“Shleshasiddhantah” in Sanskrit, English, Kannada and Hindi
“Kaavyadalli Dhvani”
“Shreemata Lalita” in Kannada & Lalitasahasranama-Stotra-vyakhya in Hindi
“Thoughts Enlightening”


Presentation of numerous articles at conferences.


















Heindl, Max. Inventor , Neumarkt, Germany. Doctor of Engineering . Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Engineering, inventing useful things.

Dr. Heindl was featured on Deutsche Welle TV. He is an ingenious inventor. You got to look up his website: http://www.max-der-erfinder.de/ .

He certainly has patented his useful gadgets, hopefully interested companies will produce and market his products.











Hemingway, Joseph, United Kingdom. Master Carver and Furniture Maker. Doctor of Stonecarving & Woodcarving and Design. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Stone Carving, Woodcarving & Design, Cabinetmaking, Upholstery, French Polishing, and Wood Cutting Machining. Dr. h.c.

Joseph Hemingway has 37 years of professional experience in his area of expertise, he is extremely gifted, and that's why his nickname is  "Thomas Chippendale".

New England Wood Carver’s Association, USA ; The American Furniture Society; British Wood Carvers Association, West Yorkshire Branch; The Crafts Counsel, London.; Art in Context, US; The Business Generator, Huddersfield University, UK ; Small Business Federation, UK ; Tame Side Speakers Club, Manchester, UK.

Awards & Honors: First class certificate in cabinetmaking;
His name entered alongside that of Thomas Chippendale, 2001 V & A Museum, London;
World Web Award 2003;Carver of the Month, USA April 2004; The Notorious Carver, USA 2004;
First class “City and Guilds Award, in 1960, Huddersfield Polytechnic; Gaining the UK patent for design 23r in December 2000





Clip from the front page of a local news paper. It shows Dr. Joseph Hemingway with his honorary doctorate certificate and his work that helped gain his Ph.D.






More information: Thomas Chippendales, ribbon-back chair























Hemrajani, Aarti, INDIA.  General Manager Academics and Audit at Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.  

Doctor of Education.

Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: education, quality management, teaching, leadership, training, personnel management, developing training modules,
conducting workshops.



Co-Authored: Showcasing Marketing Mantras for Schools (E-Book) for School Management. 










Hill, Reverend Robert Ray, AAS, BS, Entrepreneur, USA. Doctor of Management.

Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Management, Supervising, Sales, Business Administration, Computer Systems Technology, Telecommunications, Health Care, Liberal Arts, Sociology.

Dr. Hill runs Micro Tech Consultants in Park Hills, Kentucky. Awards: Commendation Medal for Distinguished Service, United States Air Force.




Robert and Emily Hill












Hilzerman - Troncoso, Moises, Viña del Mar, Chile. Poet, Critic. Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing. Outstanding Achievements in the fields of: Poetry, Creative Writing, Art Critic.

Dr. Hilzerman (aka Mischa) is the first Chilean to receive our honorary doctoral degree.



Picture: Moises Hilzerman and the former Chilean President Patricio Alwyn.











Hoehle, Bernd, Dr. ; Grand Master of Martial Arts, Stadthagen, Germany.  Doctor of Philosophy. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Martial Arts. Lifesaver, honored by the German President; European Champion; Anti Drug Campaigns; Inventor of "Security Fighting System" ™.



















Hopkins, Myles, B.S., M.S. , Managing Director. Parkmore, South Africa. Ph.D. in Human Resource Management.

Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Human Resources Strategy Consulting, Human Resource Management, Lecturing, Personnel Management, Project Management, Business Administration.

Awards: Unit Executive Operations Committee Member of the Year in 1998, Highest Contributor in 1999, (Sun International, South Africa).








Houtman, Adrianus Marinus Antonius , Director. Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Ph.D. in Business Administration. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Business Administration, Public Administration, Management, Consultancy, Psychology.








Hughes, Brian, BSc., JP. United Kingdom. Ph.D. in Chemistry. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Chemistry, extensive technical, managerial and safety experience gained within the chemical and nuclear industries, Research & Development, Property Management.

Memberships: - The Royal Society of Chemistry  - British Institute of Management  - The Safety and Reliability Society.

Honors: Appointed Justice of the Peace (JP) for the County of Cumbria -UK- by The Lord Chancellor’s Office, November 1999.







Huschke, Wolfram, Cellist, Hamburg, Germany. Doctor of Musicology. Outstanding achievements in the field(s) of: Music.

Publications: His Music, tapes, CDs. http://mainz-online.de/magazin/musik/galerie/huschke/main.html

Check out his impressive website at www.huschke.com





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